Strawberry Shortcake Dip

 Do you love strawberry shortcake? I realize I do and I make some consistently when strawberry season moves around once more. Be that as it may, now and then I need to blend it up thus I have thought of a strawberry shortcake plunge which is incredible for gatherings and picnics!

Strawberry Shortcake Dip

I realized I would require strawberries and whipped cream and a little sugar, yet in addition something to tie every one of the fixings together, which implied cream cheddar. So it's a strawberry cheesecake plunge as well!

Tips For Success

Tip 1 – Strawberry Puree: I've made this a couple of times currently (even with approval I like to test various varieties) and oppose utilizing mutiple/2 cup of the strawberry puree.

Including more disperse the plunge excessively and it won't adhere to wafers or natural product the manner in which it should. That is to say, you can include more, yet anticipate that the plunge should be exceptionally saucy and untidy to eat.

Tip 2 – Out of Season Strawberries: If your strawberries are not all that sweet or as ready as you would wish, you can heat up the puree for 3-5 minutes to decrease and think the flavors before blending it into the plunge. I had a case of 'not all that ready' strawberries and wasn't content with the kind of the puree and a brisk stew improved things pleasantly.

Tip 3 – Whipped Cream: I do utilize premade whipped cream from the canister for this formula.

It keeps the plunge light (in surface and calories) and furthermore simple. I like Cabot Light Whipped Cream since it has less added substances than different brands accessible to me. Utilizing your own natively constructed whipped cream will permit you to control the sugar; notwithstanding, the plunge won't keep as well before beginning to isolate.

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